We make the process of building a home as easy as possible for you. It’s one of the reasons we  keep all design, construction, fabrication and even real estate services in-house. (Get to know  Work Shop Realty!) By using all of our services under one roof, you can save time and money by  cutting out unnecessary coordination between a separate architect, interior designer, general  contractor and real estate agent.  

Here’s how it works:  

  • We meet with you to find out what type of home you’re interested in and if Work Shop  is the right fit.  
  • We narrow down potential areas and find the right lot to build on for you, using off market resources and knowledge of zoning restrictions.  
  • Before we start building, we walk you through our design process and define the scope  based on your needs.  
  • You’ll fill out our questionnaire that provides us with specific insight into your lifestyle  and your goals and needs for your home program and key spaces  
  • We get to work and  
  • For the interior design, we’ll walk you through 3D models and renderings, then allow  you to experience the design elements and materials in our design center.
  • Throughout the building process, we manage all of our subcontractors, keeping you in  the loop as necessary.  

From start to finish, our process takes about a year, when you get the keys to your new  home and enjoy for years to come. 

Jim Loftus

Broker Owner

Brie Cosgriff

Broker Associate