We take a wholistic approach when starting a design. Our first consideration is you, our client.  We want to understand your lifestyle and get to know your goals and priorities when it comes  to the function, flow, and aesthetic of your spaces. A second key consideration is your lot and  and its context. Views, orientation, and neighboring properties are big factors when laying out  the initial designs.  

In our Feasibility Phase, we analyze the lot and account for any views, zoning codes, lot complexities and restrictions. At this point, we conduct an initial estimated footprint study to ensure our clients’ vision fits within their specific lot. This becomes the primary roadmap for our team to begin drawing your custom-designed home.   

After taking a deeper look into the vision and concept of the home during these initial phases,  we move into the Schematic Design Phase. During this phase you will start to see your home  come to life through the presentation of floor plans and 3D digital models. Throughout this  portion of the design process, our designers will work with you directly to ensure every square  foot of your home is designed just the way you envisioned.